Marsy’s Law Implementation legislation on its way to LSC

Yesterday, the ad hoc interested parties group completed its review of proposed amendments to ORC 2930, and some related provisions in Titles 21 & 29, designed to provide context for the Marsy’s Law Amendments to the Ohio Constitution which went into effect back on February 5th. This behemoth of a document (at last count, apx 250 pages) constitutes the best collective efforts of the group to provide guidance on Victim’s Rights notification. The next step is introduction at the General Assembly – while the goal of the group was to have the piece introduced as a bill prior to Memorial Day, only time can tell if it will be acted upon that quickly. I anticipate having a “clean” copy (containing all of the revisions made in the 6-7 days of wordsmithing) soon and there will be a presentation on the legislative efforts at the OMAA July Criminal Institute – hope to see you there!

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