Marsy’s Law “implementation” legislation work continues

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Yesterday, the interested parties group gathered to hammer out a proposed bill designed to incorporate the requirements of Marsy’s Law into the Ohio Revised Code finished their initial review of the working draft.  Led by Cathy Harper Lee and Elizabeth Well of the Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center, the working group met over the course of four days to review just over 200 pages of proposed legislative changes.

A meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, March 13th to review the completed first draft and assure that the necessary changes have been made.  Upon completion, the proposed bill will be sent to the LSC to be prepared for introduction in the General Assembly.

Lara Baker-Morrish

Lara N. Baker-Morrish
City Solicitor General
Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein’s Office
77 N. Front St — 4th floor
Columbus, OH 43215



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