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To: City Law Directors and Village Solicitors

From: Garry E. Hunter, General Counsel

Thank you for your continued support of the Ohio Municipal Attorneys Association. With your support, the OMAA has been able to continue holding seminars packed with topics of current value to municipal lawyers. We intend to continue these CLE seminars with a standard of excellence. In addition to these seminars, other valued member services of the OMAA include: a listserv, an OMAA webpage, regular newsletters, informative webinars, USB delivery of seminar materials, white papers, a blog, model legislation, sample ordinances and resolutions, job postings, surveys, general counsel notes, and more.

If you have not yet taken advantage of the listserv or participated in a webinar, we hope you will this year. The listserv has become a wonderful avenue for members to instantly share and receive information including local legislation. In 2018, OMAA webinars helped keep our members up-to-date on many current state issues. Popular webinar topics included Marsy’s law, small cell wireless service and placement of facilities in the public way, the impact of Janus Decision, and police liability. As an OMAA member, you have access to both the civil and prosecutor listservs and the ability to register for our informative webinars.

We are at the beginning of our 2019 membership drive and hope you will join us. We need to have an active membership to support the funding of our association. If you have already renewed your membership for this year, thank you! If you have not yet renewed your membership, we hope you will do so soon. If your city or village was not a member in 2018, we hope you will consider becoming a member of the OMAA in 2019.

The annual membership dues, found on the enclosed application, are as follows: $1050 for cities with a population over 60,000, $800 for cities 60,000 or under, $650 for villages over 2500, $300 for villages of 2500 or under. For those law firms that choose to pay the dues from firm or personal funds, the fee will be $800. There is a special membership rate for retired municipal attorneys/prosecutors of $100 per year - all benefits included.

Individual associate memberships are also available for solicitors of villages with 500 or fewer and sole practitioners not affiliated with a municipality but who practice local government law. The fee for this membership is $100. Associate members do not receive access to the members only section of the webpage but will receive access to both the civil and prosecutor listserv(s), webinars, general counsel notes, announcements, newsletters, and information on seminars.

I am available to talk with municipal lawyers as needed so please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks again for your support. I look forward to seeing you at our next seminar.

Act now. Join or renew your municipalities’ membership to the OMAA.

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